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August 9, 2010

I love your posts — I find them beautifully written, evocative, and heartfelt. I look forward to each one. — Amy L.


Wolf-GravitarCall me Wolf. That’s me and my son Nick above, looking for a white whale.

Just Add Father chronicles my approach to the problem of fatherhood. Perhaps I should say my approach to the problem of living, viewed through the lens of fatherhood. I say problem because when I was eight, my father died suddenly. As a result, a good part of my life has been defined by what was missing. The heavy lifting for me has always involved giving a shape to an invisibility.

As I begin this blog (August, 2010), Nick has just turned eight, the age I was when I lost my dad. The course of life and fatherhood, never easy, now takes a strange turn for me. With no models, Nick and I row in unknown waters. A good day is when I stop trying to right the wrongs of my childhood and instead let Nick have his.

I’m married to Nora. We’re baby boomers. We adopted Nick from birth and he’s our only child. The three of us will be anonymous here. (Wolf Pascoe is a pen name. Nora and Nick are pseudonyms.) This is why.

Every so often, a new post with a story. I like telling stories because they’re what connect us. (When the bond between heaven and earth is broken, the Baal Shem said, only a story can mend it.) The user-friendly Archives list every post title, organized by month and category.

I’m a physician, poet, and playwright living in California. Sometimes I write about my specialty, anesthesia (also under the name of Wolf Pascoe, to ensure patient anonymity). My plays and poems have been produced/published under my real name.

I’ve been fortunate, since 1984, to be in a men’s group that began after a week-long conference for men led by the poet, Robert Bly. I also attended earlier, and subsequent, conferences with Bly involving groups of men. These brought to me an awareness of a deep well of masculinity that I believe all males share. My perspective on men emerges from this. But whatever I thought I knew about fatherhood flew out the window the day Nick was born.

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