Blessing from my father

January 21, 2014

My father was named after Isaac, the biblical patriarch. It was a name he disliked, so he reversed the order of his first and middle names. If his full name was called for, he never spelled out Isaac, inscribing only the initial, I. He was gone — a heart attack — before I was nine, […]

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December 25, 2013

Woke at 7:00, stiff as usual. Downstairs, opened one present with Nick: a steampunk rhino (stuffed animal) Nora had gotten him. We have orders to wait for her to wake before opening any others. Nick has resumed his hour of screen time. In my study, a new blotter I requested from Santa. I hadn’t thought […]

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Hat Trick

November 30, 2013

An obstacle is a light. An insurmountable obstacle is a sun. — Paul Valery The site rush for the Fern Hill 2014 Spring Camping Trip bared its fangs a few weeks ago, marking the third occurrence of this annual bloodletting. To briefly recount, the Fern Hill community goes camping every Memorial Day weekend at a state […]

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